47 Amazing Men's Braids Styles and How to do Braids on Men (2024)

Men’s braids are iconic and striking hairstyle. For centuries men have been putting braids in their hair as a way of self-expression and now more than ever is the right time to jump on this trend! They don’t just look great, braids are also perfect to keep your hair healthy, especially when the weather is getting colder!

Not just a trend for women, braids are a great way of creating a new look for yourself and experimenting with your hair. Low maintenance and at the height of style, look no further to discover the latest men’s braids styles and ideas and how you can do them in your own home!

All Types of Men’s Braids Explained

Braids work best on thick hair and have deep roots in African American culture. Most types of braids are perfect for all men, but do be aware of the cultural meanings of certain braids before you go ahead and try out this trend!


Cornrows are a seriously popular type of men’s braids and have been around for years. Deeply embedded in African American culture, this timeless hairstyle is a must for any stylish guy!

Cornrows are thin tight braids that are normally braided in straight lines, hence the name. In certain countries in Africa, the different styles of cornrows can signify different things such as religious beliefs, marital status, and age.

They also can be braided into zigzags, depending on the look you are after. They are perfect for medium to long length hair and look great with shaved sides.

Cornrows are great because once you have put them in you have little to no maintenance! A little oil for your scalp every couple of days is the only thing you really need in order for your hair to stay healthy and stylish. It is also advisable to wrap your hair up at night so you don’t mess them up!

Men’s Box Braids

Box braids are another classic type of men’s braids and always look great, whoever is wearing them. Box braids are plaits that are divided into sections with each section having four corners. In contrast to other men’s braids styles, these braids aren’t attached to the scalp but flow free.

Box braids have been around for centuries, dating back to 3500 BC in South Africa. Therefore, this hairstyle is of cultural significance to many African Americans.

This style of men’s braids are perfect to protect the hair and can last up to eight weeks. Great if you need a low maintenance but trendy hairstyle! When getting this hairstyle done at a salon, extensions are often added to lengthen and thicken the hair.

These braids are really versatile and can be worn loose or in a bun. They also look great with short hair and long hair, and can be accessorized for some extra fashion points! Adding beads into your box braids makes you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons, so go ahead and experiment with your box braids.

In order to make sure they are lasting a long time and keep in top quality, simply oil your scalp, wrap it up at night, and trim any loose strands that may appear.

Simple Braids for Men

Simple braids are a great way to keep your hair under control and also can look amazing when done well. Your hair needs to be fairly long for this hairstyle, probably over three inches.

Learning how to plait your hair can take a bit of work, but once you have got the hang of it there will be no stopping you! There are so many styles available with the simple braid.

This hairstyle is not as long-lasting as the other men’s braids styles, so perfect if you love to change your look regularly. When you have your hair in plaits, all you need to do is oil your scalp occasionally and wrap your hair up at night. Super easy to look after, easy to do, and can look great!

Viking Braid

The Viking braid looks incredible if you have shaved sides or a fade and length on top. Inspired by the rugged Nordic Vikings, this hairstyle is one single braid that is pulled back from the front.

The Viking braid is suitable for all hair types and is a pretty striking look, but also really easy to look after. You can wear it for a few weeks without having to really do anything to it. It can be washed, or simply spritz the scalp to keep it looking fresh!

Two Braids

Another hairstyle that is suitable for all types of hair, two braids are becoming more and more popular amongst fashion-conscious men. A bit of an out-there look, two braids take influence from Scandanavian culture and can look super cool!

Perfect for those of us who are new to hair braiding and still learning the techniques, two braids are easy to practice on yourself. They can be worn in for a few weeks and are a great way to look fashionable without having a huge morning routine!

Men’s Zigzag Braids

Zigzag braids can look amazing and are appropriate for long and short hair. They can be done with cornrows but with a zigzag pattern instead of a straight line. You can also add a zigzag pattern into your parting, which is an easier option for hairstyling at home!

There are so many unique and stylish options when it comes to zigzag braids and is a great way to express your personality. These braids can last up to a month and takes little maintenance. Simply oil your scalp to keep it fresh, and wrap your hair up at night.

Go bold and make a statement with zigzag braids, a truly unique trend in men’s braids!

Braids with a Man Bun

If you are not wanting to give up your beloved man bun just yet, try incorporating braids into your style to give yourself a new on-trend look.

Putting some braids into your hair that runs from your forehead and into your man bun creates new texture and depth to your hair. One or two is all you need for this to work, but you could braid all your hair and still wear it up in a bun!

Experiment with your man bun and braiding to make your hairstyle your own. There are so many great options and styles to go for, and you can still rock that man bun look too!


Dreadlocks are an iconic and important hairstyle for many people. They can be formed by matting or braiding and work well with thick hair.

Dreadlocks originated in Africa and now are worn by people all across the world. For Rastafarians, dreadlocks are spiritually important as they believe that their hair is their strength. Growing their hair into dreadlocks is a part of their Nazarite Vow.

It is really important to be aware of the cultural significance of dreadlocks if you are thinking of choosing to wear them.

Dreadlocks are the type of braids that last the longest and are the easiest to maintain. They can last forever as the hair will naturally loc and they do not need to be washed that much.

Ghana Braids for Men

Ghana braids are extremely popular and for good reason! They come in a whole range of styles and tend to be thicker than the cornrow. It is a protective hairstyle as the hair is braided close to the scalp. Great for looking after your hair and looking stylish at the same time!

Check out our in-depth guide to Ghana braids that are suitable for both men and women. There are so many different ways you can style Ghana braids, so go get yourself inspired!

Men’s Braids Styles and Ideas

Now you have learned the best braiding styles for men it is time for some real life inspiration! Without further ado, here is our ultimate list of Men’s Braids to figure out your next look.

1. Two Braids and Fade For Men

47 Amazing Men's Braids Styles and How to do Braids on Men (10)

This is one of the most famous braided hairstyles for men. If you are looking for a new style, try adding two braids like this in your fade haircut and a cross-like braid to make it more stylish..

2. Braided Bun for Men

47 Amazing Men's Braids Styles and How to do Braids on Men (11)

A braided bun is one of the trendy long braided hairstyles for men. You can start doing french braids on each side then add more in the middle to be pulled back together with the rest of the hair to form a man bun.

3. Box Braid with Clip for Men

47 Amazing Men's Braids Styles and How to do Braids on Men (12)

If you have short to medium hair, you can try doing this box braid to add on your faded hairstyle. Then add clips on each braid to make it trendy and stylish.

4. Zig zag Braids for Men

47 Amazing Men's Braids Styles and How to do Braids on Men (13)

This patterned braided hairstyle can bring more style to your hair. There are different ways to do the zig-zag braid but this is the simplest zig-zag braid you can add to your hairstyle.

5. High Bun Box Braid for Men

47 Amazing Men's Braids Styles and How to do Braids on Men (14)

Like the man bun, this is one of the braided hairstyles that is best suited for long hair. This hairstyle is unique in its design like Vikings, by doing full-head box braids and secured high on the head with a bun.

6. Ombre Cornrow for Men

47 Amazing Men's Braids Styles and How to do Braids on Men (15)

Color is a great way to add more interest and definition in your braided hairstyle especially if your are mixing light and dark hair color

7. French Braid for Men

47 Amazing Men's Braids Styles and How to do Braids on Men (16)

French braids were known as women’s hairstyles. But nowadays, so many men are doing french braids in different designs and a great style to add to your faded hairstyle.

8. Feed-in Long Braid for Men

47 Amazing Men's Braids Styles and How to do Braids on Men (17)

This braided hairstyle can be achieved in long and short hair. In this hairstyle, long braids are pulled back and styled in as many as you want.

9. Top Knot Box Braid for Men

Like the high bun, this top knot is done in box braids. However, this is most suited for very long hair to be able to pull up the braids on top and secure it with a knot.

10. High Top Braids for Men

47 Amazing Men's Braids Styles and How to do Braids on Men (19)

Like a crown, this very stylish braided hairstyle is formed in multiple braids starting on top that flows straight back to achieve a creative twist.

11. Spider Web Braids for Men

This is one of the exceptional ways to express your personality. Those who love spiders and always wanted to have a tattoo, can go on spider web braids instead.

12. Scorpion Braids for Men

Another creative design of men’s braid that can be partnered with your faded hairstyle or mohawks.

13. Short Twist Box Braid for Men

One of the coolest braid for men with afro-textured hair. Easy and simple to make that works well on short to medium hair.

14. Mohawk Braids for Men

This style of box braid can sublimate your afro hair into impressive hairstyle as braided mohawks are always a feast to the eyes.

15. Dollar Sign Braids for Men

This is one of the coolest and unique cornrow braids on our list. A part of the wild designs you can obtain with braids by getting a taper fade haircut with a carefully braided crown to create a dollar sign.

16. Diamond Braid Top Knot for Men

Conversely, you can create a more specific design for braids instead of a box such as this diamond crown braid with a top knot.

17. Dreadlock Box Braids for Men

If you are looking for the best box braids for black men, try this dreadlock box braid with a lot of twist to make it look more intricate.

18. Stitch Braid for Men

One of the best cornrow straight backs. Stitch braids on men is best on natural hair and it can certainly put powerful plaits in the spotlight.

19. Leaf Braid for Men

A unique punk braids for men with an intricate design. It doesn’t matter whether you have sport short or long hair, it will surely fit your punk attire.

20. Top Side Braid for Men

A Viking inspired braid that is perfect for turning your fade hairstyle tough. Easiest braid for short to long hair.

21. Long Twisted Braid for Men

One of the trendy rockstar’s braids, perfect for long hair. A combination of straight cornrow and twisted braids can give you a low maintenance hairstyle.

22. Braided Twist for Men

Another one of the punk braids hairstyle with feed-in braids mixed with some twists and end in a high bun. Best for whole head braids or even with fades.

23. Dyed Man Bun Braid for Men

Braiding is an art and so is having a dyed hair. This simple braid looks more stunning with the help of the dyed hair strands.

24. Crochet Braid for Men

Transform the natural curls of your hair into a versatile look with this crochet braid for men. A combination of braids and some twisting will make it look fabulous.

25. Dragon Braid for Men

Tired of your man bun hairstyle? Try adding this dragon braid to rock a trend. This will be easiest man bun braid hairstyle you will ever create on yourself.

26. Fish Braid for Men

Fishtail braids are usually created for women’s hair. But in this image, you will see that this fishtail braid with side braids that ends in a man bun, matches your formal attire in a suit.

27. co*ckroach Braid for Men

This unique co*ckroach braid is not at all creepy but simply stylish. Just do a few horizontal braid on top of your around-the-head braid to complete this look.

28. Elegant Braid for Men

Break the monotony of short sides and back haircuts by doing this complicated yet simple and stylish full head braid.

29. Triangle Braid for Men

This is not one of your ordinary box braids. This one is a simple yet unique way to create a stylish triangular box braid.

30. Stitched Mohawk Braid for Men

From faded haircut to mohawk, plus a stitched braid on top will create a simple yet so neat hairstyle on your cool punk looks.

31. Twisted Box Braid for Men

Another version of box braids where you section your hair in boxes before braiding. As they are twisted, the finish result will be stunning.

32. Samurai Braid for Men

While most box braids ends in a man bun, this samurai braid ends in a ponytail and knotted on top. A fade haircut is also required for this braid hairstyle.

33. Warrior Braid for Men

Inspired by Nordic warriors, you can create a three-strand braid in this edgy warrior braids for men, so anyone can be a warrior from the inside out.

34. One-side Dreadlock Braid

One of the most iconic hairstyles is the dread braid. Eye-catching and easy, taking a section of locks at a time, and wrap from one side to another, is the secret to this one-sided basket-weave pattern.

35. Long Twisted Braid for Men

Twisted braid hairstyles for men are effortless to style. However, this long twisted braid requires very long hair to be able to achieve this kind of twist until the end of its length.

36. Lightning Feed-in Braid for Men

From the concept of God of thunder, this lightning bolt braid starts on the front down to your back and ends in a ponytail. A unique version of feed-in braid that will definitely change your style.

37. Spiral Braid for Men

This spiral-shaped braid creates a distinct division of hair on top of the head. This will be the coolest top-of-your-head braid for men.

How to do Braids on Men

Are you inspired yet? Are you ready to experiment? Now is the time to create the braids that you want!

Of course, for styles like box braids, it is probably better to get them done at a salon. However, most hair braiding is so much easier than you would think, and we are here to guide you through the process!

Before you Start with your Braids

So, before you go ahead and try out these amazing styles, you will firstly need to prepare your hair. Make sure it is long enough for braids, your hair needs to be at least 3 inches. Give yourself the time you need to grow your hair, the longer the better!

In the weeks before you braid your hair, incorporate certain products into your hair care routine to make sure it is of the best quality for braiding. Condition your hair with the type that suits you. You can also use stiffening products that will make your hair strong and thick.

Make sure you have a good quality comb, bands, and hair oil before you start the process!

The Basic Braid

For beginners, learning how to do the basic braid is a perfect foundation for hairstyling. Firstly, wash and condition your hair and then comb it through. Decide how many braids you want and how thick you are wanting them to be.

How to do a Basic Braid for Men:

  1. Take a section of your hair that will make up one braid and split it into three parts.
  2. Now braid it by putting the left section under and through, then the right.
  3. Continue this motion and remember to keep pulling your hair tight so the braid comes out neat.
  4. When you have finished the braid, tie a plastic band around the end.

There you go, your first braid!

Now move onto the next section and repeat the process until your hair is full of braids. If you want, add some beads or grips to fully make the style your own.

You might be a natural at this, or it might take some time! But don’t worry, you will soon master it and your braids will look better and better with each try.


Cornrows are more intricate than the basic men’s braids but can be done at home. It might just take some practice!

How to do Cornrows on Men:

  1. Firstly, wash, condition, and comb your hair. Make sure there are no tangles. Applying oil or butter is a great way to lock in the moisture for creating cornrows.
  2. Then, part your hair in the sections you are wishing to braid. These sections should run from your forehead to the back of your neck. You may need a helping hand in order to make sure the sections are neat! You might want to pin or tie back each section.
  3. Now, grab your first section and divide it into three. Start with the left strand and bring it over the top of the center one. This will now become the new center strand. Then, do the same thing with the right strand.
  4. Carry this on backward, moving away from the forehead. As you do this, take in little strands of hair along the row, bringing it into the braid.
  5. When you finish the braid, simply tie your hair with a band.

Cornrows do take practice, but once you have got the hang of it you will have so much fun experimenting with this type of braid!


If you have thick hair, dreadlocks can be put in with very little effort.

How to do Men’s Dreadlocks:

  1. Firstly divide your hair into sections, depending on how thick you are wishing your dreadlocks to be.
  2. Then, wrap or backcomb your hair to get it to matt naturally.
  3. Keep on twisting and working with your hair to develop the dreads.

As you are doing this, you can add dread wax to assist in the process. It won’t take long for your dreads to be taking shape!

Men, enjoy your braids!

Men’s braids are a brilliant hairstyle and are becoming super trendy. There are so many styles out there for you to try out, depending on how you are feeling. Experiment and have fun finding your own personal braid style.

If you are feeling creative, why don’t you have a go at braiding your hair yourself? Men’s braids are here to stay, and who knows you might be a natural!

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47 Amazing Men's Braids Styles and How to do Braids on Men (53)

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